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Our Research

Research Area 1

How can parents best support children's resilience and well-being across diverse contexts?

Families can face heightened stress when adjusting to a new culture or when navigating values from different cultures within the family. In our research with multicultural and multiethnic families, we are interested in understanding both strengths and challenges experienced by parents and children of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We also want to identify individual differences amongst families to understand the diversity in experiences that may impact multiethnic and immigrant children's flourishing.

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Research Area 2

How does mindfulness foster parents' and children's emotion regulation and mental health?

Mindfulness describes being nonjudgmental and attentive to your experiences in the here-and-now. Research shows that when parents and kids are mindful, they can better regulate their emotions and respond to one another with warmth and support. In our mindfulness research, we want to understand why and how parents' and kids' mindfulness can help them have better relationships with one another and others. We also want to find out if boosting mindfulness can protect kids from developing emotional or behavioural difficulties as they grow up.

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