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Prospective Trainees

Undergraduate Research Team

Undergraduate students wishing to contribute to research in the All Families Lab must be reliable, conscientious, detail-oriented, and highly motivated. Undergraduate students must dedicate up to 10 hours per week and at least 12 months to the position, although two or more years of commitment is preferred. Evening, weekend, and summer availability is mandatory due to the nature of our work with families. Required qualifications include a minimum 3.5 cGPA with As in psychology courses and prior experience working with parents and/or childrenIf you are interested in joining the lab, please email Dr. Kil and attach a copy of your unofficial transcript and a CV/resume detailing your previous research or extracurricular experience with children and/or families.

Current openings: None. Dr. Kil expects forthcoming openings for undergraduate students with Spanish-English, Chinese-English, Korean-English, Tagalog-English and Serbian-English bilingual fluency. Check back in late 2024 for more information!

Reference Letters: Dr. Kil will only provide reference letters for students who have been working in the All Families Lab for at least 1 year. No reference letters will be provided to students who have only taken classes taught by Dr. Kil. Students requesting reference letters must provide the following: (i) a document outlining number of years and months of lab involvement and listing all research activities completed as part of the lab, (ii) a table detailing the name of the university, specific program, and due date for all applications, (iii) a current CV and unofficial transcript, and (iv) a basic research statement or personal statement that will be submitted as part of applications.

Honours, Directed Studies, and Research Engagement: Dr. Kil typically limits supervision to undergraduate students who are already part of the All Families Lab as Undergraduate Research Team members. 

Graduate Supervision

The Fall 2024 application cycle is now closed. Check back in September 2024 for news on whether Dr. Kil will be reviewing applications for the Fall 2025 cycle. The SFU departmental and faculty guidelines for graduate school applications can be found here

Postdoctoral Opportunities

The All Families Lab at Simon Fraser University in BC and the Behavioural Health Lab at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, ON, are seeking applications for one postdoctoral fellow position in applied developmental science. Although the job description is broad, the fellow will be primarily responsible for leading our ongoing project on factors relating to parental engagement in children's mental health programming in the Niagara (ON) region. The fellow also support research activities using existing large-scale datasets at both SFU and CAMH. The fellow will be affiliated with and co-funded by the two sites. Given the community-engaged nature of the project, the fellow must be willing to relocate to the Niagara Area or Greater Toronto Area for the duration of the fellowship. This position is for 12 months with possibility of renewal. Please see ad here for further details. The position will remain open until filled (last updated Spring 2024). 

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